Shadow Domain

Shadow Domain
Deity: the Shadow
Granted Power (Level 1): Gain Blind-fight as a bonus feat

Domain Spell Access
Level 1: obscuring mist
Level 2: darkness
Level 3: deeper darkness
Level 4: shadow conjuration
Level 5: shadow evocation
Level 6: shadow walk
Level 7: shadow conjuration, greater
Level 8: shadow evocation, greater
Level 9: shades

Domain Power (Level 6): (I) You may expend channel divine to gain the ability (for yourself only) to see in any kind of darkness, even magical darkness. This ability lasts for a number of minutes equal to your wisdom bonus. (II) You also add darkvision to your spell list. When you cast darkvision, it functions differently than normal in that it enables you (or the subject) to see even into magical darkness.

Epic Domain Power (Level 20): You may expend a channel divine to send out of a ray of shadow at a target within 30 feet. If the attack hits, the target must make a Fortitude save or become partly shadow for 3 rounds. (Each round at the end of its turn, the creature can attempt a Fortitude save to end the effect.) When the creature becomes shadowy, its attacks only have 50% of their damage, and its spells and abilities subtract 5 from their DC.

Mythic Domain Power (Level 30): You can spontaneously convert any of your spells into illusion spells on the cleric list or spells on the shadow domain list. At this point, the DC and your caster level for all Illusion spells increases by 1 (this stacks with bonuses from feats and the like).

Shadow Domain

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