Plant Domain

Plant Domain
Deity: Arawei
Granted Power (Level 1): You can use channel divine to rebuke or command plant creatures.

Domain Spell Access
Level 1: entangle
Level 2: barkskin
Level 3: plant growth
Level 4: command plants
Level 5: wall of thorns
Level 6: repel wood
Level 7: animate plants
Level 8: control plants
Level 9: shambler

Domain Power (Level 6): (I) You may expend channel divine to grant plant creatures in the area an enhancement bonus to Natural Armor. This bonus is equal to 1/4th your level and lasts for 1 minute. (II) You add tree stride to your cleric spell list.

Epic Domain Power (Level 20): You can use channel divine to generate for yourself and your allies a suit of thorns and brambles. This grants 1d6 temporary hit points per 4 levels and inflicts 2d8 piercing damage on anyone who attacks you or your allies. Among your allies, only living creatures can receive this benefit. The suit of thorny protection disappears after 5 rounds; a fire attack destroys the suit.

Mythic Domain Power (Level 30): You can spontaneously convert any of your spells into spells on the plant domain list. You also gain fast healing 5.

Plant Domain

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