Madness Domain

Madness Domain
Deity: the Fury, the Cults of the Dragon Below
Granted Power (Level 1): Gain SR 8 + level

Domain Spell Access
Level 1: lesser confusion
Level 2: touch of idiocy
Level 3: rage
Level 4: confusion
Level 5: bolts of bedevilment
Level 6: phantasmal killer
Level 7: insanity
Level 8: maddening scream
Level 9: weird

Domain Power (Level 6): Ranged attacks against you (but not reach attacks) have a 1% chance to miss per level. Once you negate an attack with this ability, you cannot negate another attack until your next turn, unless you spend 1 combat opportunity to restore it.

Epic Domain Power (Level 20): (I) Your level 6 power now improves to include melee attacks. (II) Furthermore, you gain immunity to confusion effects. (III) You can also channel confusion to all creatures within 30 feet in place of a normal channel divine.

Mythic Domain Power (Level 30): You can spontaneously convert any of your cleric spells into spells on the madness domain list. Any time you attempt to confuse a target with spells or channeling, the DC increases by 2 from the normal DC (this stacks with feats and abilities).

Madness Domain

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