Life Domain

Life Domain
Deity: Arawai
Granted Power (Level 1): You may cast healing spells as though they were modified by the reach spell metamagic feat, without increasing the spell level.

Domain Spell Access
Level 1: hide from undead
Level 2: lesser life growth
Level 3: remove blindness/deafness
Level 4: death ward
Level 5: break enchantment
Level 6: life growth
Level 7: regenerate
Level 8: animate plants
Level 9: greater life growth

Domain Power (Level 6): You may alter your channel divine to heal 1 point of ability score damage by lessening the number of d6s you heal by 2d6. You can only heal 1 point of ability per 5 levels, and each time you increase the amount of ability score damage cured, you also subtract an additional 2d6 of normal healing.

Epic Domain Power (Level 20): You can use your channel divine to cast break enchantment on everyone within 30 feet. If you do this, you only heal half as many d6’s of damage. You can simultaneously combine this ability with your level 6 ability by subtracting 2d6 per point of ability score damage cured, however you must halve the total number of d6s before subtracting dice for ability score healing.

Mythic Domain Power (Level 30): You can spontaneously convert any of your spells into spells on the life domain list. You can also heal ability damage by only subtract 1d6 instead of subtracting 2d6 from you channel divine.

Life Domain

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