Knowledge Domain

Knowledge Domain
Deity: Aureon
Granted Power (Level 1): Add all knowledge skills to your list of class skills.

Domain Spell Access
Level 1: comprehend languages
Level 2: detect thoughts
Level 3: speak with dead
Level 4: divination
Level 5: true seeing
Level 6: find the path
Level 7: legend lore
Level 8: discern location
Level 9: foresight

Domain Power (Level 6): You add clairaudience/clairvoyance to your spell list. Also, you may expend channel divine to learn more information about all creatures within 30 feet. (This ability also temporarily indicates the presence of invisible and hidden creatures.) You process the strengths and weaknesses of the creatures around you, as well as their powers and abilities. You make the relevant knowledge check with a +20 insight bonus. Will save for half (i.e., you only gain a +10 versus that creature).

Epic Domain Power (Level 20): You gain a competence bonus equal to your level on all knowledge checks. When you channel divine to learn more about nearby creatures, the DC increases by 2 versus your normal DC, and versus any creatures that fail the save, you gain a +2 insight bonus on attack, AC, and caster level.

Mythic Domain Power (Level 30): You can spontaneously convert any of your spells into divination spells on the cleric list (including clairaudience/clairvoyance for you) or spells on the knowledge domain list.

Knowledge Domain

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