Healing Domain

Healing Domain
Deity: Olladra
Granted Power (Level 1): Gain +1 caster level on healing spells

Domain Spell Access
Level 1: cure light wounds
Level 2: cure moderate wounds
Level 3: cure serious wounds
Level 4: cure critical wounds
Level 5: breath of life
Level 6: heal
Level 7: regenerate
Level 8: mass critical wounds
Level 9: mass heal

Domain Power (Level 6): (I) When you channel divine to heal living creatures, you add +1 to the amount healed per each die you roll. You are also able to eke out a little more healing from cure spells. (II) Whenever there is a caster level limit on the number of d8’s healed by a cure spell, you may treat that limit as though it were 1 level higher as well as the bonus hp healed for caster level. E.g. cure light wounds maxes out at 6th level instead of 5th, doing 6d8 + 6 points of healing. (III) Additionally, you learn how to quicken one spell that you can cast (must be level 3 or lower) in the healing school without increasing the spell level. Whenever you prepare that one spell, it is automatically quickened without any need for clarification as to how. (You can choose to cast it as a standard action if you want to preserve your combat opportunities.)

Epic Domain Power (Level 20): All of your healing spells are treated as empowered, without increasing the spell level (as would normally be required by the empower spell metamagic feat). This does not apply when using healing spells to damage undead.

Mythic Domain Power (Level 30): You can spontaneously convert any of your spells into heal spells on the cleric list or spells on the healing domain list. Your channels also grant an additional +1 per each die you roll (total +2 per die bonus).

Healing Domain

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