Decay Domain

Decay Domain
Deity: The Keeper
Granted Power (Level 1): You gain a +1 on saves versus diseases.

Domain Spell Access
Level 1: doom
Level 2: ray of enfeeblement
Level 3: contagion
Level 4: enervation
Level 5: blight
Level 6: antilife shell
Level 7: withering palm
Level 8: horrid wilting
Level 9: energy drain

Domain Power (Level 6): You can expend a channel divine use to gain the ability to make a touch of decay attack. Each time you expend a channel divine (1 combat opportunity) to gain this attack, you gain a number of attacks equal to your wisdom modifier. Attacks not used within 1 minute are lost. Each attack is a melee touch attack that deals 1d4 points of damage to creatures with a Constitution score. Creatures without a constitution score instead take 2d6 points of damage + 1 point per cleric level.

Epic Domain Power (Level 20): You can expend a channel divine to instead cause creatures within 30 feet to take 1d4 negative levels. Will save for half.

Mythic Domain Power (Level 30): You can spontaneously convert any of your cleric spells into spells on the decay domain list. Your level 6 decay attack now deals 1d6 points of Constitution damage or 2d8 + 1 per point of cleric level. Your level 20 channel power now causes 1d6 negative levels (Will half).

Decay Domain

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