Critical Hits

Although we all know the standard critical hit rules, I have decided for another idea to vastly overcomplicate things.

Whenever a critical hit occurs, instead of rolling a d20 attack roll to confirm, we will be using a d% to determine whether the attack results in a critical hit or not. Then the result will be scaled and bonus damage determined (in terms of number of d12s).

Crit Table Bonus Damage
19 or less 0
20 1d12
40 2d12
60 3d12
80 4d12
100 5d12
+20 +1d12

Weapons have a modifier that improves their performance on the critical bonus damage chart. The standard modifier per weapon is dependent on the craftsmanship of the weapon.

A ‘crit threat’ is simply a chance to roll on the crit table above. Defenders also receive bonuses to their ‘fortification rating’ (which hinders crits, sneak attacks, and point-blank shots).

Critical Hits

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