Alignment Any nonlawful
Hit Die d2
BAB Outstanding
Fort Outstanding
Reflex Average
Will Poor
Spell Selection NA
Spell Progression NA
Skill Ranks 4 + Int
Class Skills Acrobatics (Dex), Climb (Str), Craft (Int), Handle Animal (Cha), Intimidate (Cha), Knowledge [nature] (Int), Perception (Wis), Ride (Dex), Survival (Wis), Swim (Str)
Weapon and Armor Proficiency A barbarian is proficient with simple and martial weapons, light armor, medium armor, and shields (but not kite or tower shields).

Level Special
1st Fast Movement, illiteracy, rage
2nd Uncanny Dodge
3rd Trap Sense +1, Fus
4th Damage Reduction 1, Bonus Voice Power
5th Improved Uncanny Dodge
6th Damage Reduction 2
7th Trap Sense +2, Roh
8th Greater Rage, Bonus Voice Power
9th Damage Reduction 3
10th Trap Sense +3, Dah
11th Indomitable Will
12th Damage Reduction 4
13th Trap Sense +4, Voice Power
14th Tireless Rage
15th Damage Reduction 5
16th Trap Sense +5, Voice Power
17th Superior Rage
18th Damage Reduction 6
19th Trap Sense +6, Voice Power
20th Mighty Rage
21st Damage Reduction 7
22nd Trap Sense +7, Voice Power
23rd Epic Rage
24th Damage Reduction 8
25th Trap Sense +8, Voice Power
26th Invincible Rage
27th Damage Reduction 9
28th Trap Sense +9, Voice Power
29th Legendary Rage
30th Damage Reduction 10

Fast Movement (Ex) The barbarian’s land speed increases by 10 feet. He loses this benefit if wearing heavy armor or carrying a heavy load.

Illiteracy (Ex) A barbarian must make an intelligence check DC 15 (or higher) to read written words in a language he comprehends. If he fails such a check when reading a glyph or magical symbol, he does not trigger any effects of the glyph or symbol.

Rage (Ex) A barbarian can rage for a number of rounds equal to 2 + his Con modifier. Each round after that, he gains 2 additional rounds. Thus, the total number of rounds is 2 x barbarian level + Con modifier. Beginning a rage is a free action on the barbarian’s turn, or an immediate action outside of his turn. During rage, the barbarian gains +4 morale bonus to Strength and Constitution, as well as a +2 morale bonus on saves. However, he also takes a -2 penalty to AC. During rage, a barbarian cannot use most skills based on Charisma, Dexterity, or Intelligence. (He can still make use of Acrobatics, Fly, Intimidate, and Ride.) Any abilities that requires patience and concentration, such as spellcasting, is not allowed.

The barbarian may end a rage at any point as a free action. He must immediately make a Fortitude save equal 10 + 2 x the number of rounds (round up the number of rounds for partial rounds) raged. If he succeeds, he is exhausted for 1 round and fatigued the next round. If he fails, he is exhausted for 3 rounds and fatigued 3 rounds after that.

Uncanny Dodge (Ex) Whenever a barbarian is surrounded by enemies, they subtract 1 from their flanking bonuses.

Trap Sense (Ex) The barbarian gains a bonus equal to the listed amount on Reflex saves to avoid traps and on Perception checks made to notice enemies making a surprise attack.

Voice Power (Ex) A barbarian gains a connection to Vasondar, a plane supposed to be home to great and valorous warriors of the past. Among them is the mighty Dragonborn, a legendary warrior who tamed dragons with his ferocity, cunning, and power. In a mysterious communion with such warriors, he is able to learn rage shouts that make him more fearsome on the battlefield. Some barbarians are not even distantly aware of this connection, but they usually acknowledge its realities in terms of cleverness, ferocity, and deeds of valor performed on the battlefield. When a barbarian knows of such a connection, generally long to see their place in Vasondar. In either case, the character rules make no distinction, except when wanting to spend bonus experience to advance abilities (outside of normal character progression). Barbarians may sometimes encounter Vasondar totems, which will draw their attention and challenge them to test their strength to gain new powers. Each shout has three words that can be learned with progressive intensity and spends rage points accordingly to make the shouts happen. Each time a barbarian gains a new voice power, he only learns 1 word of the three words. Thus, a power can be incremented, up to third level, or he can instead choose a new voice power. The full list of voice powers is detailed at the bottom of the Barbarian description.

Damage Reduction (Ex) As the barbarian gains levels, he learns to negate physical damage.

Greater Rage (Ex) As the barbarian improves his rage, he now gains +6 to Strength and Constitution and +3 to saves.

Indomitable Will (Ex) While in rage, the barbarian gains a +4 bonus to Will saves to resist enchantment spells. This ability stacks with other bonuses, including the morale bonus from raging. He also gains this +4 bonus when resisting the fear auras of dragons.

Tireless Rage (Ex) At the end of rage, a barbarian is never exhausted, but he is still fatigued for 1 or 3 rounds, depending on whether he saves or not.

Superior Rage (Ex) As the barbarian improves his rage, he now gains +8 to Strength and Constitution and +4 to saves. He may add 1d8 damage to any successful melee attack he makes as a free action by spending 4 rage points.

Mighty Rage (Ex) As the barbarian improves his rage, he now gains +10 to Strength and Constitution and +5 to saves. He is no longer fatigued for 1 round if he saves.

Epic Rage (Ex) As the barbarian rages, he now gains +12 to Strength and Constitution and +6 to saves. He may gain a +4 morale bonus as a free action on any attack made while raging by spending 2 rage points.

Invincible Rage (Ex) As the barbarian rages, he now gains +14 to Strength and Constitution and +7 to saves. He may double his Damage Reduction for 1 round by spending 3 rage points as a swift action on his turn.

Legendary Rage (Ex) As the barbarian rages, he now gains +16 to Strength and Constitution and +8 to saves. He may negate any attack that hits him as a free action by spending 10 rage points.

Voice Powers
Fus Roh Dah (Force Without Relent)
Fus (2 Rage points)
This shout enables the barbarian to make bull rush attempts versus a target within 15 feet. Instead of his normal Base Attack Bonus + Str + Dex opposing the target, he makes an Intimidate check versus the target’s Base Attack Bonus + 15 + size modifier. This is a move action.
Fus Roh (4 Rage Points)
This version can be used as an immediate or swift action, and the DC of the Intimidate Check is only 10 + size modifier + Base Attack Bonus.
Fus Roh Dah (6 Rage Points)
This version enables a Trip check to be made after a successful Bull Rush check. The DC for the Trip is the same as the DC for the Bull Rush. However, creatures with more legs receive bonuses in addition to their size modifier, and flying creatures cannot be tripped. This version also targets a 15-ft cone. Each target in the area is checked against as one check, but the DC varies by target.

Ha Lat Im (Grasp Time’s Flow)
Ha (3 Rage points)
This shout is a swift action that enables the barbarian to make an extra attack as part of a full round action.
Lat (5 Rage Points)
With this word, this shout grants an additional standard action (or move action) for the barbarian to take on his turn.
Im (8 Rage Points)
When this word is used, this shout grants an additional full round action or an additional standard and move action to the barbarian

Sum Gra Fas (Reveal Great Heroes)
Sum (5 Rage Points)
You bring down a spirit warrior from Vasondar. This is a standard action. The spirit warrior has an attack bonus equal to your Level + Con modifier. He deals damage equal to 1d8 + your Con modifier. He is treated as an illusion, which means that a creature may make a Will save to take half damage from him (Save DC = 10 + half your level + Con modifier). The spirit warrior has a number of hit point equal to half your normal hit points and an AC of 10 + your level. It is a medium creature (an outsider) with chaotic neutral alignment. Its attacks deal sonic damage. The Spirit warrior remains for 3 rounds or until defeated. When you summon him, he appears within 30 feet of you and aids your cause on your initiative beginning that round. You can use a move action to direct the spirit warrior to a new target. It has a land speed of 40.
Gra (10 Rage Points)
You bring down 2 spirit warriors from Vasondar. Each one deals damage equal to 2d8 + your Con modifier and otherwise follows the same rule as Sum, except they each gain a fly sped of 40 in addition to their land speed.
Fas (15 Rage Points)
You bring down 3 spirit warriors. Each one deals 3d8 + your Con modifier with a successful attack. Otherwise, they follow the same rules as Gra.

Ren Dar Wok (Enemy’s Bane Test)
Ren (2 points) This is a swift action. You challenge a foe within 50’, which must be of the humanoid type. If the foe does not accept your challenge, it must make a Will Save (DC 10 + half your level + your Con modifier) or take a -3 morale penalty to Attacks, Caster Level, and AC. If does accept your challenge it cannot target anyone else with attacks or actions, but it gains a +1 morale bonus on attacks, caster level (on spells that target you, not your area), and AC versus you. The challenge lasts for 3 rounds.
Dar (3 points) This is like Ren except your target may be of the giant or humanoid type. You also gain a +2 morale bonus on attacks versus that target. The challenge lasts for 5 rounds. If your challenge is not accepted, you still gain this bonus to attacks for 5 rounds.
Wok (4 points) This is like Dar except your target may be of the dragon type. You also gains a +2 morale bonus on damage versus that target. The challenge lasts for 6 rounds.

Kol Yon Ba (Sounds Beyond Breath)
Kol (4 points) As a swift action, you unleash a blast of sonic force at a target you can see within 20 feet of you. You deal 1d4 sonic damage per 2 levels (Fortitude for half, DC 10 + half your level + Con modifier).
Yon (6 points) Like Kol except you target a 10 ft. cube within 30 feet.
Ba (8 points) Like Yon, except you draw down lightning first, dealing 1d10 electric per 5 levels (reflex half), then the 1d4 sonic per 2 levels (Fortitude for half).

Kar Il Nok (Glory Despises Tricks)
Kar (5 points) As a standard action, you may dispel 1d4 magic effects on a target within 15 feet of you. You dispel effects with the lowest caster level first, and among them the lowest spell level. Among equal caster level and equal spell level effects, roll to determine which effects are dispelled.
Il (8 points) You dispel 2d4 magic effects. After you roll, you choose targets and the number of effects (up to your roll) that those targets will lose. The total number of effects you can remove equals your roll. All targets must be within 20 feet of you. Each target takes 1d6 damage for each effect your remove. If you assign more removals to a target than it has effects, then the extra removals are wasted and the target does not take damage for the extra effort.
Nok (10 points) You dispel 3d4 magic effects. Just as Il except you can choose targets within 30 feet of you.


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