Alignment Average
Hit Die d8
BAB Poor
Fort Average
Reflex Average
Will Good
Spell Selection Prepared
Spell Progression Average
Spell Knowledge Open List
Skill Ranks 4 + Int
Class Skills Appraise (Int), Craft (Int), Disable Device (Int), Knowledge [arcana] (Int), Knowledge [engineering and architecture] (Int), Knowledge [planes] (Int), Perception (Wis), Profession (Wis), Spellcraft (Int), Use Magic Device (Cha)
Weapon and Armor Proficiency An artificer is proficient with all simple weapons, light and medium armor, and shields (but not kite or tower shields)
Infusions Infusions are similar to spells but only work on items and constructs or living construct subtypes. Other rules for infusions can be found on page 31 of Eberron Campaign Setting.

Level Special
1st Craft discipline, craft ingenuity, disarm traps, scribe scroll
2nd Artisan bonus, detect magic
3rd Bonus item creation feat
4th Construct Insight
5th Bonus item creation feat
6th Extract Essence
7th Bonus item creation feat
8th Construct Analysis
9th Bonus item creation feat
10th Magic Item Empathy
11th Bonus item creation feat
12th Construct Specialist
13th Bonus item creation feat
14th Metamagic Spell Trigger
15th Bonus item creation feat
16th Construct Glyph
17th Bonus item creation feat
18th Metamagic Spell Completion
19th Bonus item creation feat
20th Construct Confounding
21st Bonus item creation feat
22nd Extract Trap
23rd Bonus item creation feat
24th Construct Bane
25th Bonus item creation feat
26th Skill Mastery
27th Bonus item creation feat
28th Construct Domination
29th Bonus item creation feat
30th Spell Absorption

Craft Discipline (Ex): An artificer reduces the gold and experience costs for every item he creates by an amount equal to 1% per Artificer Level.

Craft Ingenuity (Ex): (I) An artificer can create a magic item even if he does not have access to the spells that are normally prerequisites. He must make a successful Use Magic Device check DC 20 + caster level to emulate each spell normally required to create the item. Thus, to make a wand of magic missile an artificer would need a Use Magic Device check result of 21 or higher.

(II) Furthermore, for purposes of meeting item prerequisites, an artificer’s effective caster level equals his artificer caster level +2. If the item duplicates a spell effect, however, the spell effect uses the artificer’s actual caster level. Costs are determined using the item’s minimum caster level or the artificers actual caster level (if it is higher). Thus, a 3rd-level artificer can make a scroll of fireball, since the minimum caster level for fireball is 5th. He pays the normal cost for making such a scroll with a caster level of 5th: (5 × 3 × 12.5) x 97% (due to craft discipline), plus bonus exp. But the scroll’s actual caster level is only 3rd, and it produces a weak fireball that only deals 3d6 points of damage.

Disarm traps (Ex): An artificer can disarm traps with a DC higher than 20, including magical traps.

Scribe Scroll The artificer gains this as a bonus feat.

*Artisan Bonus (Ex): * An artificer gains a bonus on Use Magic Device checks equal to 1/5th his level (minimum bonus +2).

Detect magic (Sp) Artificers can cast detect magic as a spell-like ability once per day per two levels, using their artificer caster level as the caster level for the spell.

Bonus Item Creation Feat An artificer selects an item creation feat to be a bonus feat.

Construct Insight (Ex): An artificer gains a +1 insight bonus per 5 levels on attack rolls versus construct and living constructs.

Extract Essence (Su): An artificer can harvest the experience from a magic item as bonus experience. He must succeed on a Craft check DC 5 + item caster level. If the item possesses charges (like wands), he gains an amount of experience proportional to the remaining charges. He must spend 8 hours with the item, and then the item is destroyed. If he succeeds on the check by 5 or more, he regains all the original experience for charged items.

Construct Analysis (Ex): An artificer gains a +1 insight bonus to AC per 5 levels versus the attacks of constructs and living constructs.

Magic Item Empathy (Su): An artificer can become attached to magic items he possesses for at least 24 hours and spending 100 bonus experience. By doing so he increases one aspect of the item level by 1. He can establish this bond with 1 item per 8 levels. Every 8 levels, the artificer can add another level to an item or an additional levelw to the same item.

Construct Specialist (Ex): An artificer gains +1 insight bonus per 5 levels on damage versus constructs and living constructs.

Metamagic Spell Trigger (Su): An artificer gains the ability to apply a metamagic feats he knows to a spell trigger item (generally a wand). He must have the appropriate item creation feat for the spell trigger he is using. Using this ability expends additional charges from the item equal to the number of effective spell levels the metamagic feats would add to a spell. This ability also costs 2 Combat Opportunities per metamagic feat employed.

Construct Glyph (Su): An artificer gains the ability to apply a special magic glyph to an enemy construct or living construct as a standard action. The glyph can be applied with a ranged touch attack, range 30’. The glyph lasts for 2d6 rounds and gives allies an insight bonus on attacks versus that target. Using this ability costs 1 infusion of any level; the amount of the insight bonus equals the level of the infusion expended. He can only have 1 glyph active per point of Cha modifier (minimum 1).

Metamagic Spell Completion (Su): An artificer gains the ability to apply a metamagic feat he knows to a spell completion item (generally a scroll). He must have the appropriate item creation feat for the item he is using. The DC for the Use Magic Device check is 20 + (3 x the modified level of the spell). For instance, applying Empower Spell to a cone of cold creates a 7th level effect. The DC to upgrade a cone of cold scroll to an empowered version would be 20 + 3 × 7 = 41. Using this ability expends an infusion equal in to the level of the spell level increase normally added by the metamagic feat (e.g. 2nd level infusion for Empower Spell). This ability also costs 2 Combat Opportunities.

Construct Confounding (Su): A construct glyph applied by the artificer also lowers any Damage Reduction possessed by the construct by an amount equal to half his artificer level.

Extract Trap (Su): Whenever an artificer successfully disarms a magic trap, he may attempt to recoup the essence of that trap as though it were a magic item essence he had spent 8 hours extracting. He must succeed on a Craft check equal to 10 + the caster level. If he fails this check, instead of extracting the essence he triggers the trap.

Construct Bane (Su): While an artificer’s glyph is active, all allies gain the artificer’s insight bonuses to attack, damage, and AC versus that target.

Skill Mastery (Ex): An artificer can always take 10 when making Spellcraft or Use Magic Device checks.

Construct Domination (Su): When an artificer applies his glyph to a construct or living construct, he gains a small chance to incidentally dominate his target. This is a d% check, with a 10% chance of success. His chances increase by 1% per level and decrease by 1% per HD of the construct. If successful, each round thereafter the construct has a 5% chance to break the effect. Otherwise, the effect functions similar to dominate monster.

Spell Absorption (Su): When an artificer is the target of a spell or spell-like ability (not merely in the area of a spell effect), he has a small chance to absorb the energy of the spell and be unaffected by it. He can choose whether to apply this ability to spells he is aware of, as a free action. Otherwise is automatically happens (including while he is unconscious or dead). The chance of this happening is 1% per 2 levels, minus the spell level of the spell targeting him. For example, a disintegrate spell targeting a 30th level artificer has a 9% chance of being absorbed.


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