Favored Soul

Alignment Any (within one step of deity)
Hit Die d8
BAB Good
Fort Good
Ref Good
Will Good
Spell Selection Spontaneous
Spell Progression Good
Spell Knowledge Limited
Skill Points 2 + Int
Class Skills Acrobatics (Dex), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Heal (Wis), Knowledge [arcana] (Int), Professions (Wis), Sense Motive (Wis), and Spellcraft (Int)
Weapon and Armor Proficiency A favored souls is proficient in light and medium armor, as well as shields (but not kite or tower shields). He is proficient with simple weapons as well as his deity’s favored weapon.
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Domain List
Domain Spell Progression

Special Favored Soul Rules:
Favored Soul Spells: A favored soul’s ability to cast spells is entirely based upon Wisdom.

A Favored Soul selects one domain from his deity’s options.

A Favored Soul must follow a specific deity, not just a generalized principle of ideas. We will still, however, allow Favored Souls of a ‘pantheon’.

Level Special
1st Aura, divine favor 1d4; max divine favor: 1 die; channel divine
2nd weapon focus (deity’s favored weapon)
3rd divine favor 2d4
4th weapon specialization (deity’s favored weapon)
5th divine favor 3d4
6th Domain power
7th divine favor 4d4
8th Favored Spell Levels (1 die)
9th divine favor 5d4
10th greater weapon focus (deity’s favored weapon)
11th divine favor 1d6; max divine favor: 2 dice
12th Favored Spell Levels (2 dice)
13th divine favor 2d6
14th improved crit (deity’s favored weapon)
15th divine favor 3d6
16th Favored Spell Levels (3 dice)
17th divine favor 4d6
18th greater weapon specialization (deity’s favored weapon)
19th divine favor 5d6
20th Epic Domain Power; Favored Spell Levels (4 dice)
21st divine favor 1d8; max divine favor: 3 dice
22nd epic weapon focus (deity’s favored weapon)
23rd divine favor 2d8
24th Favored Spell Levels (5 dice)
25th divine favor 3d8
26th epic weapon specialization (deity’s favored weapon)
27th divine favor 4d8
28th Favored Spell Levels (6 dice)
29th divine favor 5d8
30th Mythic Domain Power

Aura (Ex): A favored soul of a chaotic, evil, good, or lawful deity has a particularly powerful aura corresponding to the deity’s alignment (see the detect evil spell for details). The favored soul has an aura the equivalent of a cleric of the same level.

Divine Favor (Ex): A favored soul draws upon the power of his god to complete his mission and fulfill his destiny. He can use this power to modify a roll he makes with a d4 for any check or roll he must make from the following list: attack roll, saving throw, skill check, ability check, caster level check, initiative, damage roll, opposed checks, critical confirmation roll, or any d% check (he can choose whether the d% he makes increases or decreases, depending on what would be the most favorable outcome). For any check the choice must be made before the roll’s results are determined, except the d% check.

As the favored soul gains in power, he gains the ability to use this boost more than once per day. He gains additional dice per day. He gains d4s until he gains 5 of them, then he begins gaining d6s. These d6s are in addition to the d4s and, as the favored soul advances, provide additional (and probably superior) options for completing his tasks.

Max Divine Favor: Whenever a favored soul applies a d4 to improve his roll, he only applies 1d4. After level 11, a favored soul may opt to expend two dice on a single check.

Channel Divine: A favored soul can also channel divine, as a cleric does, but he does so by expending potential using his divine favor dice. For each divine favor die expended, the favored soul channels twice as many dice to resolve his channel divine; these dice are always the type of dice he chooses to expend. Like clerics, a favored souls channel DC increases with level and is based upon Charisma. He also channels divine according to alignment: positive energy for good favored souls, negative energy for evil favored souls, but neutral favored soul select between the two at level 1.

Favored Spell Levels: A favored soul can expend divine favor to attempt to gain spell levels. He can add these spell levels to an existing spell slot in order to augment that spell slot (to access a higher level spell). For instance, a favored soul can augment his level 2 spell by 1d4 levels. If he gets the spell level he was hoping for, he can cast the spell he wants; otherwise, he must accept his god’s will and choose a lower level spell that works for his situation. If he wants, he can also augment the effect of a spell, applying the dice amount to his caster level or the DC (as an alternative to gaining higher level spell slots). For each point of the divine favor he applies, he can increase the caster level or the DC by 1. For instance, a level 8 favored can cast cure moderate wounds to damage an undead and add his divine favor; if he were to roll a 3, the could increase his caster level to 10 and the DC by 1.

He can only use 1 die per day on favored spell levels, until he progresses four levels. Even after he gains the ability to use multiple dice per day, he cannot utilize more than 1 on any single instance of spellcasting.

Bonus Feats: A favored soul receives bonus feats at certain intervals to improve his skill with his deity’s favored weapon.

Favored Soul

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