Experience Versus Bonus Experience

This campaign divides player experience into two categories, experience and bonus experience. Bonus experience is used to do a lot of special character options and abilities, but regular experience is intended to be more static and concrete. Most combat encounters yield bonus experience only if the fight is more difficult than average and the character survives through the entire fight.

You gain bonus experience differently than regular experience. Every fight, except overly easy ones, yields normal experience, but bonus experience comes from surviving through more difficult encounters (in addition to normal experience). ‘Overly easy’ fights can be done abstractly during down time for small gains in bonus experience on a per day basis. Campaign achievements, traps, puzzles, social interactions with meaningful accomplishments, exercising wit or accruing information, and, in sum, any sort of story or roleplaying gain is always considered bonus experience.

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Bonus Experience to Regular Experience Conversion

Conversion Rate
Bonus experience converts to regular experience (and vice versa) at a rate of 75%. This means you get 75 regular experience points for every 100 experience points you choose to transition. Alternatively, for making bonus experience, you can transition 100 regular experience points into 75 bonus experience points.

Time Use
The required amount of down time for converting experience is measured in weeks. During this time, your character is essentially ‘on vacation’ and cannot do a lot of strenuous, productive activity. Your time is spent reading books, training (perhaps), catching up with old acquaintances, or whatever but not making or doing stuff. Each week you can transition 100 experience points (per level) into 75 bonus experience points per level (or 100 bonus points per level into 75 bonus experience points per level).

Increment Amount
Although the ratio is 75%, you are only allowed to transition 100 experience increments. You can’t simply decide to transition 4 experience points into 3 bonus experience points. This rule exist partly to simplify the math and record keeping, and to prevent too much focus on this mechanic. When you spend a week transitioning experience point types, you choose how many 100 point blocks you want to move, but the number of 100 exp blocks cannot exceed your level.

Experience Versus Bonus Experience

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