Storm of Insurrection

Invitation to play a Pathfinder/3.5 campaign

Over the last 20 years, the Heklar dynasty of the Jundar Realm has devolved in a slow decaying of lax commitment to ideals and byzantine politics. The nation’s productivity has been stemmed by corruption, prosperity has been hammered by avarice, and happiness has been squashed excessive enforcement mechanisms. It seems, at last, the time has become ripe for a revolution. Secret organizations and resistances abound. In one day, a plan to take out the king and his heir manifests. An assassin takes out the king, but another assassin fails to take out the heir. When nobles and public institutions begin to vie for power, whom shall you support? How will you overcome the obstacles of a decayed state and the tenuous conditions of law and order? What will you do and how will you take sides in this struggle for the future of the realm? Create a character and find out!

Campaign Features
• Game in a group with 4 players and the DM for about 5–6 hours every month or so.
• Start with a high-powered character to fiddle with the upper limits of the game. Enter the fray at level 11 and have the potential to choose from 3.5 and Pathfinder options.
• Journey through the DM-created Realm of Jundar. Seize the moment or simply explore the world. For a diversion, check out experimental rules in quests outside of Jundar.
• Combat may be the least pressing of your concerns as the Storm of Insurrection hits! Choose your friends—and your enemies—carefully. You set your character’s agenda and take whatever adventures you choose, but determining who wins the struggle for power may not be so simple.
…coming in April 2015

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The Storm of Insurrection

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